Aspirant Manager Development – Can I be a manager?

"Just to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I think the content is very relevant and I think you are doing a superb job of presenting the course. I like the fact that you are very calm, patient and always full of praise for us."

Belishia Visser, Roseland College, Hayes

In all schools, it is recognised that building capacity throughout the organisation is essential for sustaining school development. The notion of distributed leadership requires a critical base of knowledge and expertise to be vital for the delivery of effective school improvement programmes.

The programme provides a coherent development pathway for those aspiring to work within these settings. It is designed to develop skills and competencies of professional effectiveness, which meet national performance management and Continuing Professional Development standards. The course also draws upon the National Standards competency framework for Management.

Programme Aims and Objectives

The core purpose of the programme is to develop professional effectiveness and leadership potential to enable participants, through the provision of a professional learning community, to contribute to the school’s strategic direction.

  1. Active engagement in a process of self managed personal learning and development.

  2. Increase ability to manage innovation and change in the context of own school.

  3. Enhance competence and self-confidence as key professionals within teams.

  4. Construct a foundation of skills, knowledge and understanding of effective behaviours in order to increase their repertoire of responses to a broad range of scenarios.

Workshop Topics include:
  • The school as a learning organisation

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Getting things done

  • Working with teams

  • Managing change

The workshops can be delivered on site, dates and times to suit your school.

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