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Poshbrains is a way of working; in partnership and in collaboration, sharing strengths and drawing inspiration from those who think differently.

Our aim is to blend our bespoke learning and development solutions with your organisational values to achieve results.

For over ten years Poshbrains Learning and Development has been successfully designing, developing and evaluating bespoke learning and development solutions across a wide range of schools and subjects.

On this website, you will find highlights of programmes for staff development at all levels. Whether you need a strategic conversation for senior teams, a development programme for middle or aspirant managers or a training course for different individuals and teams, we can tailor a solution that is just right for you.

Your choices
Delivery style

Having your own bespoke programme opens up the style of delivery that best fits the type of participant and your working culture. We deliver programmes using classroom-based workshops, action learning sets and 1:1 coaching.

Time scales

Programmes are designed to fit with your priorities and time frames.


Poshbrains Learning & Consultancy is accredited as a training provider by The Institute of Leadership and Management.

Get in touch for more info about any aspect of our learning consultancy. We're always pleased to hear from you.


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