Strategic Development Master Classes

"The leadership coaching by Marilyn Kinnon (Poshbrains) has been invaluable. Marilyn has provided me with the opportunities for reflection and strategic thinking.

The professional dialogue in the sessions has been refreshing. I have had to articulate my beliefs and vision, and she has challenged me to translate them into action.

Marilyn has contributed in no small part to my growing confidence and effectiveness."

Yomi Adewoye, Haling Manor High School, Croydon

Our Master Class Forums

Our services and solutions are based on leading-edge thinking and best practice nationwide. These provide the opportunity for senior leadership teams, governors and other school agencies to engage together in high quality thinking a forum for informed debate, decision and reflection. Content will be developed in close consultation with you and based on the real time strategic options facing the team. The programme offers facilitated space to think and plan constructively and creatively to address key issues.

Programme titles have included:
  • The Balanced School Profile strategic alignment across job descriptions, performance management and school development plans.

  • Integrated Solutions for School Strategic Growth making the link between individual and organisational performance systems.

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