Getting the Support Right

Marilynís knowledge, experience and supportive manner helped participants to develop themselves, and their viewpoint during the training session.

Her style and approach allowed information and good practice to be shared in a positive environment fully involving all participants, and by the end of the session they were motivated and keen to put their learning into action.

Heather Morey
Learning & Development Adviser
R B Kingston upon Thames

Support staff make up around half the workforce in schools and make a positive contribution to pupil development and the successful running of a school.
Support Works is a unique approach to engaging support staff in school learning and development.

Programme Aim
The programme aims to:
  • Support and develop a team of work force learning champions based in partnership schools

  • Build participants' skills, knowledge and understanding of personal and work force learning and development

  • Enhance competence and commitment to contribute to team and school development

  • Enable participants to foster a positive workplace climate for learning and growth

  • Initiate the first step on the leadership and management pathway - self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-leadership.

Participants can expect:
  • A menu of development experiences where you decide what you take away that is useful

  • A format with the right amount of space for you to personalise your learning as fits you

  • Confidence with new ideas


Half day workshops to include a taught programme, workshops, visits, shadowing, subject matter experts, simulations and access and signposting to web learning and materials.

Outcomes and impact
  • Participants will gain personal and professional skills, knowledge and confidence.

  • Participants will support the development of a positive work place climate through example.

  • Participants will become knowledge agents to help spread the messages of work force development and future trends of education.

  • The school CPD co-ordinator will have the support of a team to help develop and drive initiatives and build capacity in others.

Course themes

The course consists of five themes:

  • Role and Context

  • Think Pupils

  • Think School Organisation

  • Think Standards

  • Think People

This course can be adapted to suit individual school requirements.


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